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Fleet Upgrade - New Manac Extendable Stretch Trailer

Our NEW 53' to 90' Manac Extendable Stretch Trailer Has Arrived | 800-334-0160

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Our NEW 53' to 90' Manac Extendable Stretch Trailer Has Arrived

Manac Extendable Stretch Trailer

Transporting extremely long loads with a length that exceeds the capacity of a flatbed trailer?

Loads that are too long to fit may be transported on a extendable stretch flatbed trailer.

Yarbrough Transfer Company has recently added a NEW Manac Extendable Stretch Trailer to their list of available equipment.

Our new Manac Extendable Stretch Trailer features:

1. Main beams fully welded on both sides’

- Benefit:  Enhances reliability

2. Four steel rollers equipped with bearings

Benefit:  Ensures smooth extension and retraction

3. Air and electrical lines are retractable and mounted on steel cable

Benefit:  Simplifies extension and retraction

4. Structure completely shotblasted, primed and painted

Benefit:  Reduces maintenance

The key advantage of the extendable stretch flatbed trailer is the ability to extend its length. Extendable stretch flatbed trailer are your best option if you are not sure of your exact overall length of your shipment.

Give us a call today for more information on Yarbrough Transfer Company's available equipment.